Sunday, January 25, 2015

Update: 22 Weeks

Bye bye halfway point! :) I'm excited to think that I'll have a baby in 4 short months! (Well...I hope they stay feeling so short...but from the stories I've heard about the joys of the 3rd trimester, I guess I can't count on it!)

Things are seeming more and more real all the time. We're starting to put together her nursery (okay... I am starting to put it together and Sean nods and smiles when I show him stuff I bought and tell him plans for where we're going to put things...). We have a changing table, crib, and glider, and I have a few cute decorations too. We're going with coral, gray and white. I have this girlie's room all planned out in my mind and I can't wait to get it all put together.
I swear there's potential for a cute nursery underneath all those piles!

My body is going through all kinds of adventures these days. I feel little kicks and somersaults all the time, and I've even been able to feel some stronger ones from the outside! Of course, it seems like every time I try to get someone else to feel her, she quits kicking the second their hand touches my belly...but I'm sure she'll show off her ninja moves to someone else besides mom before too long.

I haven't had any food aversions since early in the first trimester, so that's nice. Cravings on the other hand, are ALWAYS around. Burgers & fries, Burgers & fries, BURGERS!!! and FRIES!!!! I don't know why, but burgers are my thaaang right now. I just want big, juicy, meaty burgers with lots of pickles, onions, and sauce....all the time. Fries are also necessary, and fry sauce...because, fry sauce. In fact, can we go out for burgers right now?!

I also crave oranges and orange juice. Oranges have always been my favorite fruit, so that's not surprising, and they're in season, so I buy them all the time around this time of year anyway. But I could easily drink 2 glasses of juice in a day and eat 2 or 3 oranges if I let myself. Overall, I'm trying to stay healthy and not indulge the burger & fry cravings too often. Some days I succeed...others not so much.

I am getting bigger every day (*cough* BURGERS *cough*). I still haven't noticed any stretch marks, but stretching is definitely going on. My belly is getting tighter and more noticeable. I don't feel too uncomfortable yet, so I forget that I have this belly, until I walk past a mirror. I still do a double-take every time I see myself from the side. I love it, though! It's just still mind-boggling to me that there's a lil' creature in there.

Now for the (not-so) fun stuff. I have been having weird little heart....'episodes?' I don't know what to call them. Really, I just noticed my heart pounding really hard a lot. I heard from a few people (and a few online articles I read while panicking in the middle of the night during some such 'episode') that this was normal, so at first I didn't worry. I let it go for a few weeks, but started thinking maybe it was not so normal for it to be happening so frequently and for no apparent reason. The heart pounding can happen when I'm sitting, standing, whatever. It feels like I'm watching a scary movie...or driving in a snowstorm with my husband behind the wheel ( ya, babe! Sorry!). I am not surprised or concerned when it happens when I'm doing something active, like walking the dog or climbing stairs, but it comes out of nowhere when I'm just sitting on the couch or trying to fall asleep. Nothing seems to bring it on and nothing seems to be able to make it stop. So, after a few particularly intense episodes, I decided to call my Dr. Really, just to hear that it was all normal and that I could stop being such a paranoid-first-time-pregnant-lady. My Dr. sent me for an EKG, but of course, during the EKG, I didn't have an episode. So, now I am hooked up with an Event Monitor, which monitors my heart around the clock for 4 weeks. It's extremely annoying and I can't wait for these 4 weeks to be over! Especially because the Dr. doesn't seem concerned at all and makes it sound like this is all 'just a precaution.' That's wonderful to hear, and I'm so glad that it's nothing to worry about, but if that's the case, is 4 weeks reeeeeeally necessary? Okay, done griping. I'm glad they want to make sure everything is okay, and "better safe than sorry," etc., etc., etc. Anyway, I get to wear these little sticky probes on my chest and side that hurt like a mother (am I allowed to say that yet? probably not) to rip off. The wires are connected to a monitor that I'm somehow supposed to wear on my pants pocket...explain to me how that goes up and over maternity pants and all the way down to the pockets again?! And best of all, I have to keep a PDA transmitter (looks like a cell phone to me) within 10 feet of the monitor at all times (or else it beeps at me like I'm in trouble). Every time I have a symptom, I enter it into the PDA device and it transmits the message to 'them.'

AAAAAAAnd last of all, I have a cold. Alka Seltzer cold medicine is my go-to, but I can't take it because of the ingredients. Any recommendations? I think the worst is over. Thank goodness for a weekend so I can just climb in bed and sleep this off...

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