Monday, April 20, 2015

34 Weeks

Well hello there, 34-week mark! I'm so happy you're here!

I am so excited to be 3 weeks from full term and 6 weeks from my due date...I am amazed by how fast time is flying. I hope it keeps up that way until she gets here, haha.

I had a baby shower this past weekend, hosted by my sisters. It was so fun to see family and friends and get to talk all about babies all afternoon. We ate yummy food and played pregnancy jeopardy (um, I LOVE Jeopardy! I may have it set on my DVR so I never miss an episode...) We got such wonderful gifts and it has been so much fun to go through them and think about using them here soon.

Also this past weekend, I filmed a pregnancy fitness video. Hahahahaha, please laugh aloud along with me over that. But for reals, I did. The nurse who taught our childbirth class runs a pregnancy fitness business on the side and was filming exercise demo videos for her website. She needed pregnant women to demonstrate the exercises, and after our class, she called me and asked if I would do it. I went to a few classes to learn all the moves, then we filmed them all this weekend. It was really fun! It was nice to feel like I was in decent enough shape to demonstrate exercises for other pregnant people...because I feel like a whale. If you're in Ogden and pregnant or recently post-partum and looking for a good workout, look up Mia Mama Fitness. Shauna is a great instructor.

We're getting pretty close to having the nursery done, and I can't wait to post pictures, but I'm waiting to be able to show you the finished product! The nursery is gray, white, coral, and gold. The walls were already gray, but Sean painted one of them a bright coral for me. Her furniture is all white except for the rocker, which is a dark coral color, and the ottoman, which is gray. There are lots of pops of gold everywhere else, and I know it's a trendy color scheme, but I really love it....I can't wait to get it finished.

In other news, here's my list of pregnancy complaints:

  • I waddle
  • Gotta go....24/7. Have to get up at least once a night, usually more
  • Need 5  pillows to sleep comfortably. Got a wedge pillow though, and it helps so much! Definitely worth the $15, and makes me glad I didn't spend more on a big pregnancy pillow, although they still look amazing and I'm sure they are awesome.
  • Swollen hands and feet - can't wear my wedding band anymore! My engagement ring still fits though, because it's always been a little big.
  • I'm always hot, especially my feet.
  • I get winded just walking the dog, and I'm so slow!
  • People are ridiculous. Every time I say something like, "the time is flying by!" or "I think we're just about ready for her to come!" or on the other end of the spectrum, "I'm not sleeping well," or "I just wish she could come right now," people are SO QUICK to jump in and tell you how naive you are and how you have absolutely no clue what you're in for. It's just so....irritating. Just let me be happy when I'm happy, let me complain a little if I want, and go get me a cookie cuz I'm 8 months pregnant, you jerks. Ha ha. Oh well, I guess in a few months, it will be my turn to torment pregnant women with unsolicited advice and "Oh just you wait"'s. Mwahahahahaha. Jk, because now that I've witnessed it firsthand, I swear I will not to it to someone else.
I really do feel so excited for her to come, I'm not nervous about labor or delivery and I just want to hold my beautiful baby girl. I want to see my husband's face when he holds her for the first time, and I want to show her off to everybody, because she's going to be amazing.

We've been kicking our baby preparations into high gear this week, and it's making us even more anxious for her to get here!

Here's where we're at on the preparations list:

  • Stroller assembled (carseat base going in the car...soon...)
  • Baby clothes and blankets all piled up ready to be washed (as soon as I get around to buying laundry soap...haha)
  • Birth plan created and hospital registration finished (although I don't feel like you can really expect to stick to a birth plan, because who knows how it will all go down?! I felt silly writing down all these requests, because I kept telling Sean that we'd just have to roll with the punches and see what happens when the time comes...)
  • Maternity leave scheduled and substitute teacher arranged (I am leaving school 2 full weeks before my due date, because we'll be finished with all of our performances for the year by then and I still have all my personal days to use! Woohoo! Adios school! See ya next year! Now I just have to finish the rest of my lesson plans for the year...I have a feeling my sub will appreciate that.)
  • Graduated from birthing class, breastfeeding class next week.
Aaaaaand that's all I can think of. There's still a lot left to do, but I'll have those weeks of leave to get lots done. Thank goodness, because school is keeping me very busy at the moment.

I have loved/hated being pregnant, and I'm so thrilled that the end is in sight. Even though it feels so close, it's still surreal to think that there will be a baby in this house; in my arms instead of my belly, in just over a month.