Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finding Out

Sean and I had just started trying to get pregnant, and I tried hard to convince myself that it would most likely take quite a while to conceive. As soon as I realized I was late (like...half a day late), I got so distracted by the thought that I might be pregnant, I couldn't focus on anything else! I was driving myself crazy because I thought, "Surely you are NOT pregnant, you need to WAIT AND SEE." Well...I hate that phrase. I hate waiting of any kind. I am the least patient person I know. I just had to know, so I took a test the second I got home from work.

I truly expected it to be negative, and although that would have made me sad, I would have been able to move on with my week and focus on work and the rest of life. I set the test on the bathroom counter to process and went to make the bed. While I was cleaning up, I heard Sean's truck pull up in the driveway. I went into the bathroom to check the test - expecting to see the negative result and toss it in the trash - and when I read the "p" word on that stick, I just about died. I actually dropped the test in the sink, gasped and covered my mouth, and started at myself in the mirror. Then I looked at my stomach like I expected something to immediately start to happen, ha ha :)

Unfortunately, when Sean got home, he wasn't alone. His brother Derek was with him. I waited for a few minutes for them to wrap it up so I could tell Sean, but no luck...they were deeply involved in some kind of dude conversation about manly hobbies and they were in no hurry. I just couldn't take it! I hopped in the car with some excuse about having to pick up cheese for dinner or something. I drove to the store and bought: 1) another pregnancy test (different brand, 'cause what if the first one was lying?!) 2) Baby socks...because...for real...cutest article of clothing in existence and I needed something else to put in the gift bag for my daddy-to-be husband

I got home and took the second pregnancy test. It, too, came out positive. I may have danced around the bathroom waving the pee stick in the air and cry-laughing...

I wrapped up the tests and the cute little baby socks in a gift bag and set it on the table. When Sean came in,  told him he had to open that bag and see what I got today. He assumed it was a present from a student, so it really threw him for a loop when it was pregnancy tests and socks...:) The smile on his face was just absolutely priceless. He scooped me up in the biggest hug and I just cried from happiness.

Naturally, the next thing I wanted to do was call the doctor. But, it was after hours. When I did make that phone call the next day, it went something like this, "Hi, I think I'm pregnant. What do I do?!"

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