Wednesday, May 20, 2015


That's what I'm calling these 2 weeks off from work...NestFest2015. I feel it's an appropriate title...

Can I brag about my nesting accomplishments now? Okay, good:

  • Air ducts cleaned and sanitized
  • Carpets and nursery rocker cleaned and sanitized
  • Fridge/Freezer cleaned out and wiped down
  • Nursery done
  • Hospital bags packed
  • Car seat installed (correctly, even! Had it checked at the husband is so great at following instruction manuals)
  • Car vacuumed and wiped out
  • Bathroom deep-cleaned
  • Groceries stocked up
  • Baby clothes washed, sorted, folded, ooh'ed and aah'd over, put away
  • School/substitute plans made
  • Dog/iguana sitter arranged
  • I even went through our closets, took boxes of old clothes to D.I., and organized our closets. And, my clothes are now sorted into 3 sections: maternity clothes, tents designed for hiding a post-baby body, and "maybe again someday, if you're lucky."

Yay! Aren't my obsessive-compulsive, first-time-mom tendencies impressive?! I thought you'd think so...

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